Nikitas Tsirigotis:









Nikitas Tsirigotis started his career managing product development, oilfield laboratories, and currently develops data platforms financial solutions for a range of sectors. He joined Sanjel (USA) in 2010 and became a lab manager and worked across departments when he became responsible for projects in North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Texas. Subsequently, he worked for Oasis Petroleum, an operator in the Williston Basin, serving as a Frac Engineer and Interim Laboratory Manager.

He started Sylvania, a consulting firm, in 2013 to develop fracturing systems and completion designs for oil and gas service companies and operators. Within two years, he began building marketing studies and investment solutions by leveraging the power of data to improve cost levers at oil and gas companies. Sylvania’s clients include operators, chemical companies, chemical service companies, and financial firms.

He is recognized for contributions to multiple papers.

He holds a BA in Chemistry from Bucknell University.


 Independent Contractors:

Sylvania works with independent contracts to help build data platforms.

Contractors have a range of experiences, having knowledge in chemicals, fracture treatment designs, data analytics, an more. They work in areas spanning the Rocky Mountains, from Texas to North Dakota. They also spend a significant amount of time on design and implementation, looking for ways to increase efficiency for operators. Some contracts have been recognized for contributions in multiple papers.

All contractors have higher education, ranging from a bachelors to a PhD.