• Operators can use PetraFRAC to lower completions costs and return on investment while reducing environmental impact.
  • Investors can use PetraFRAC to target investment opportunities or understand poor quality investments.


PetraFrac is used to deliver proven oil well designs improvements that lower costs or improve production and ultimately improve return on investment. Solutions deliver, through technology, the packaging of ideas, research, data and analytics to create shared value, a process by which companies and the environment both benefit.

Clients (typically operators) walk away with either an improvement or granular insights into the practices and designs of competitors.

Designs target cement design, fracture treatment design, drilling, and well spacing and maturity.

Financial Advisory

Sylvania recently launched a new financial product, helping operators with credits (refunds, offsets, on payments).

Since supporting analysis is a laborious, time consuming, and often fruitless process, we put the time and effort into developing products that turn hard to reach opportunities into low hanging fruit for more than one operator.

We do not charge for our work upfront, we charge a contingency fee for successful recovery through our technical packages (similar to what some financial advisory firms do in other practice areas). In addition, the information flow would be one directional too, always only from Sylvania to the client – we are providing you with the data, process and supplemental information to support recovery.

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